remedy drive asset page

Welcome to the Remedy Drive asset page.  Any document or diagram needed for working with the band can be found on one of the three links above.

Under “PRODUCTION” you’ll find our stage plot and input list, a fly date rider if we’re flying to your event, a list of what production we bring with us when we’re providing sound and light and a list of what we request when we’re not providing sound and lights.

Under “PROMOTION” you’ll find a high res photo of the band and a high res poster.  We’ve created a promotional guide that has ideas that we’ve gathered over the years as we’ve partnered with event promoters.  It also has links to a couple videos that you can use to help generate excitement in your community in the weeks leading up to the event.

Under “ABOUT” you will find a bio, references from people that we’ve worked with in the past, a list of accomplishments and things the band is proud of and some other links and reviews.

Let us know if there is something else that you think would be helpful to have posted on this site.  We’re excited to partner with you on this event!